Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Radio Interview with Mr. Richard Leitman author of "Dear Roz: Finding the Truth about My Father in his Wartime Love Letters to My Mother"

Next Sunday 22nd from 2 till 4 pm on Hear New Brunswick I'll have Mr. Richard Leitman author of "Dear Roz: Finding the Truth about My Father in his Wartime Love Letters to My Mother"

From the web site:
"Dear Roz is a documentation of my journey to find the truth about my father, and at the same time, to find pieces of myself which lay hidden in my shadows, most notably anger and fear. It records my search for the truth by reading my father's letters to my mother from WW II and speaking to him through letters of his own; letting my sorrow, fear, joy, anger and a host of other emotions flow freely from me onto paper. Since this is my search for the truth to foster my growth and healing, this was not the place to put on the proverbial rose-colored glasses and present my father, or myself, as more or less than we were."

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Re-thinking Thanksgiving.

So when does the Holiday Season begin?
For me it starts with Halloween, (The Gay holiday!)

OK, so it's not officially the Gay holiday. It's a good kick start though.

The Holiday season for most folks begins with one of my favorite meat eating holidays, Thanksgiving. It's a time when I see and get e-mails wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. But I can't help but remember that for American Indians this isn't exactly the message there want to hear.

From what I have heard from American Indians is that for some American Indian tribes it's a time of mourning. There are politically "progressive", "radical", "Leftist" etc... folk who boycott the holiday or have days of silence. Although it's intended to show solidarity to me it seems divisive.

My day of remembrance/silence comes the day before Thanksgiving Day. This I do between my two thanksgiving observances. One the week before with the "adopted" family, and friends. And then time with the biological family on the official holiday.

This has been my policy since the late 1900's when me and the local punk rockers had our first Thanks giving Punk Pot Luck. Rethinking and adapting a holiday seems more practical in making it meaningful.

A couple of years back I listed to an American Indian women comment on Thanksgiving.
She approved of the holiday because she felt we should always be " a state of thanksgiving."
She then explained that for her people when the whales returned from there migrations it was a time of thanks giving, as well as when certain flowers bloomed.

For me it's seeing the Queen Ann's Lace blooming that has me recognizing that Summers peak has arrived.
Even though it's hot and sunny the days are growing shorter. I may not have noticed but the Queen Ann's Lace has and is preparing by blooming to put out seeds. It leads me to feeling grateful for what's left of the Summer.

One other theme of Thanksgiving is to be charitable and to feed those who are lacking. Times are tough for most folks it seems but for those who can contribute here's a list of American Indian charities I found.

This to me is also a way of expressing solidarity.
To either contribute or to "just" spread the word.

American Indian College Fund

Southwest Indian Relief Council

Sioux Nation Relief Fund

Navajo Relief Fund

National Relief Charities

Native American AID

Council of Indian Nations

American Indian Relief Council